Risk Management

Investment Selection

We seek to uncover investments that we believe are truly better than the average in the industry. This "uncovering" is accomplished using sophisticated analytical tools. We utilize powerful research tools to evaluate risk-adjusted returns, calculation of investment performance in both up and down markets, studies of performance attribution, and quantifying an investment manager's style consistency.

Intelligent Portfolio Design 

Portfolio Management

Once your portfolio is established and your assets invested, we begin the long-term task of monitoring and maintaining your portfolio. We continually scrutinize your portfolio to ensure investment compliance with the stated objectives. If your objectives change, we will re-evaluate your investment strategy to establish and ponder the best alternatives.

Consistant Communication

At Fleet Capital Management, LLC we establish and maintain a close and meaningful communication with you in order to insure the best stewardship of your resources. We accomplish this by offering monthly webinars and as needed one on one quarterly investment reviews; via video conference technology.

This supplements and reinforces the daily internal evaluations of your investments that we manage on your behalf.